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Homework (Week 7)

Hey 5/6B!!!!

This weeks homework:

BTN Reflection
You can choose which video you watch and reflect on this week.

Continue working on your project!

Homework is due on Friday.

Have a great week!!!

This Weeks Homework (Week 6)

This weeks homework is all due on SUNDAY. This will give everyone some extra time to complete all homework tasks.

Personal choice for this weeks BTN review.

Hot Maths
This week you will work on revision. Log in to see what has been assigned for you!

100 Word Challenge

This is your picture promo for the week.

Things to think about:

  • Before you start to write, have a plan in mind to make sure all the words are included.
  • Make your piece as creative as possible. Really use your imagination!
  • Make sure your post is logical.

Don’t forget to continue to read every day and fill out your reading log. For something different, try reading to someone once this week! 🙂

Have a great week!!

Homework (Term 2 Week 4)

This weeks home work is all due on Friday.

Your choice this week.

100 Word Challenge
This weeks prompt is

…I just couldn’t eat something so…

Hot Maths
This week we are focusing on data and graphing.

Remember to have a look at other blogs and leave a comment.

Have a great week 🙂


Homework (Term 2 Week 3)

BTN (Due Friday 5th May)
This week you can pick the video you would like to watch and write a reflection about.

Hot Maths (Due Friday 5th May)
This weeks focus in revision on finding the area of rectangles and triangles.

100 Word Challenge (Due Friday 5th May)
Your topic for this week is: ‘The best day of my life…’

Remember to have a browse on your classmates blogs and leave a comment!

Have a great week!

Senada 🙂

Homework 24th April 2017

Here are your tasks for this week.

BTN (Due Friday 28th April)
This week you can select your own BTN video to watch and write a reflection about.

Hot Maths (Due Friday 28th April)
This week is all about measurement.

100 Word Challenge (Due Friday 28th April)
The 100 word challenge website is not posting for a few weeks so the picture prompt for this week is…Reading Log
Remember to fill in your reading log every night and get a parent to sign it. I will be checking your reading logs on Wednesday, so please make sure you bring it to school.

Have a fantastic week!!!



Last Homework for Term 1

This is the last week of term 1, so we are only going to have 2 homework tasks to complete.

Buddy Letter
Create a letter for your buddy. It should introduce you and let your buddy get to know a little bit about you. You should also ask them some questions. Remember to think about your audience-what words will they understand? What things will interest them? How can you publish/illustrate/decorate it so that it helps them understand and appeals to them? This letter will form the basis for your first meeting with your buddy. You will get to meet your buddy at the start of term 2, so this letter needs to be done by the first day back.
Due: First day of term 2

100 word challenge
This weeks prompt is:  Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera. Include these 5 words in your piece. Perhaps try to include some of the techniques we have been learning about in writing lessons.
Due: Friday 31st March

History Reflection.
Create a ‘3 recalls/2 questions/1 insight’ reflection for this video about Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee form Vietnam. This NEEDS to be completed by WEDNESDAY for our history lesson:

Due: Wednesday 29th March

This weeks homework

This week we will complete 3 items for homework

  1. BTN reflection. This week’s item will help us understand our topic lesson this Thursday about Australia’s Federation. Make sure you complete it before Thursday. Click the link below to watch the video.!/media/1961881/federation-explained
  2.  100 word challenge- this week’s prompt is        “…but how can something so tiny…
  3. Hotmaths– This week’s Hotmaths is about decimal place value

Homework 14/3/2017

There will be no BTN response for homework this week. Instead you are going to play a game. This needs to be done before Thursday as we will be discussing what you learned at school as part of hour history lesson.

Click on the picture to open up the game- playing it will give you an idea of some of the different sorts of struggles and joys of different groups of people who lived at the goldfields in the 1850s. Try to play it more than once and using two or more characters so you get a picture of the different possibilities that may have awaited these groups.

The other Homework to be done this week is HotMaths and 100 word challenge.

Visit my ‘homework information’ page to get the links to Hotmaths and 100 word challenge.

Week 2 of Homework

There are two homework tasks this week. The first one is Hot Maths. Log on with your user name and password and complete the activity that has been assigned to you.

This week’s viewing reflection

This week our viewing reflection is not from BTN. it’s actually from the National Film and Sound Archive ( But you should still complete your reflection in the same way as you would a BTN reflection. Click the link to watch the video.

Make sure you have it finished before Friday as our lesson on it will be this Friday.

If you want to go further (completely voluntary!), this link will take you to a really interesting radio presentation about convict life in ‘The Rocks” in Sydney:

(click on the picture)

It has LOADS of interesting information about what life was like for early convict settlers and goes for 13 minutes. You could choose to write your reflection on this radio interview instead of the video if you’d prefer.

Homework 27/2/17

Homework tasks for this week are:

  • Writing about camp
    You have already started this piece of writing today. Please type it up and publish it to your blog.
  • BTN Reflection
    Watch the following BTN videos and write a reflection on each of them.


Artwork showing guards in rowing boat arriving at a prison hulk.

Try to make some comparisons when you are creating your reflection.

Make sure you finish this BEFORE Friday, as we will be discussing them in our first history lesson on Friday.