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History Lesson 5

History Lesson 5-20th Century Migration-comparing perspectives

Goal: I can analyse the different perspectives of migrants to australia in the 20 century.

APK: discuss video you watched for homework


Refer back to the thinking skills document that is located in their books and go through the steps of a perspective analysis.

1.  I describe a situation – what was it like for different migrant groups to move to Australia in the 20th century?

2.  I tell how one person sees it – Vietnamese take notes to answer the following questions: Why did they come? How were they welcomed? What was there experience like? How did they change, influence or contribute to Australia? How were their ideas, beliefs and values integrated (kept in Australia) or impacted on (changed when they arrived)?

3.  I tell how a different person sees it.

Use these links:

migrant stories

more migration stories

a range of interviews and primary sources

stories of child migrants

take notes on another or more than one other migrant perspective, and answer the same questions.

4.  I give my opinion about the similarities and differences. Write a paragraph saying how the experiences for each group were similar and different.

Goal reflection: Step 5: Use what you have learned to write a paragraph about how Australians could make the migration experience more positive for future migrants?