Last Homework for Term 1

This is the last week of term 1, so we are only going to have 2 homework tasks to complete.

Buddy Letter
Create a letter for your buddy. It should introduce you and let your buddy get to know a little bit about you. You should also ask them some questions. Remember to think about your audience-what words will they understand? What things will interest them? How can you publish/illustrate/decorate it so that it helps them understand and appeals to them? This letter will form the basis for your first meeting with your buddy. You will get to meet your buddy at the start of term 2, so this letter needs to be done by the first day back.
Due: First day of term 2

100 word challenge
This weeks prompt is:  Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera. Include these 5 words in your piece. Perhaps try to include some of the techniques we have been learning about in writing lessons.
Due: Friday 31st March

History Reflection.
Create a ‘3 recalls/2 questions/1 insight’ reflection for this video about Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee form Vietnam. This NEEDS to be completed by WEDNESDAY for our history lesson:

Due: Wednesday 29th March

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