March 14th 2017 archive

History Lesson 3


Learning Goal: I can use an analogy to understand the experience of migrants to colonial Australia.

APK: Turn and talk with a partner; discussing the game you played for homework.

New Information:

What is an ANALOGY?
Using a comparison of something familiar to help you understand aspects of something unfamiliar (brainstorm some examples like riding a bike).

Look at thinking skills document that is in your books and go through the steps of an analogy.

Step 1: define the migrant experience.
Step 2: pick a topic to use (eg: moving house, moving school).

Application: Read through these primary and secondary resources and take notes.





For people migrating to Australia it would have been like

Homework 14/3/2017

There will be no BTN response for homework this week. Instead you are going to play a game. This needs to be done before Thursday as we will be discussing what you learned at school as part of hour history lesson.

Click on the picture to open up the game- playing it will give you an idea of some of the different sorts of struggles and joys of different groups of people who lived at the goldfields in the 1850s. Try to play it more than once and using two or more characters so you get a picture of the different possibilities that may have awaited these groups.

The other Homework to be done this week is HotMaths and 100 word challenge.

Visit my ‘homework information’ page to get the links to Hotmaths and 100 word challenge.