March 8th 2017 archive

Australian History Lesson 2

Learning Goal:

I understand how convict settlement shaped the development of Australia.


Find a partner and discuss the video you watched for homework. What did you find interesting?

New Information

What are primary and secondary sources?

Primary Sources are  written or created at the time, most reliable but hardest to interpret/understand.

Secondary Sources are written about the time at a later point, easier to understand but also may not be as reliable.

Look at the thinking skills document you got from your teacher in the last lesson. Find the column that is titled investigation. You will go through the steps of an investigation with your teacher. 

Convicts were the key population in the first wave of European migration to Australia.

 List some questions you might want to answer about this.


Step 1: Select one or more sources that you think you will understand and might answet your questions

Step 2: Click on the links below to start your task. Try to use both a primary or secondary source and identify the title and author.


As you do your research make sure you take notes (FKEYS?).


Step 3: Once you have finished taking notes you will need to create a summary. Did you get answers to your questions? Did you find out anything you hadn’t expected (what was it?) Did it create more questions for you?

Step 4: Select another source to extend your knowledge. Remember to take notes and write a summary.

Goal Reflection

Explain the ways in which your different sources connect.